Within Distance

A two-part video projection that takes place in two separate rooms of a gallery. The projections, one static and one kinetic, depict two narratives that are connected yet never occupy the same space. Viewers are encouraged to move between the two rooms to make sense of the story. Sound and visual clues are explicitly employed in both projections to tie the two narratives together.

All That Is Solid

All That Is Solid is a four-screen, 10-minute animation that combines 3D computer generated graphics with black-and-white photographic images of interior spaces, specifically staircases and corridors. The conflation of the 3D generated shapes with the photographic interiors highlight perspective and create a hybrid image-space that is one- part representational and one-part imaginary.

End of Empire (Collaboration with Lance Winn)

End of Empire is a custom-built, robotic projection machine that projects a 14-minute video inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1964 film Empire. The robot’s motorized camera arm enables the frames movement and projects a black-and-white video image of the Empire State building across the gallery wall and ceiling and then reverses back to its original position to eventually reveal that the building has disappeared from the New York skyline. The moving projection transforms the conventional viewing of a film as a static object and the audience must physically change positions in order to experience the film as a performative projection. The full frame of the image is never seen in its entirety and the viewer has to piece together their perception of the film as it unfolds over time and across the physical space of the gallery.

Perfect Vehicle

Filmed on the Bonneville Salt Flats (which is one of the flattest places on earth and is famous for its speedway), Perfect Vehicle is the anitithesis of speed. The pacing of the vehicle is governed by the pacing of the body. In this case, breathing becomes the engine of the machine making it dependent on the body for movement. Pathos surrounds the work as we watch the slow progress of the vehicle inch its way across the landscape. This is an anti-heroic and absurd gesture as speed becomes overtaken by embodied time.

Knock (Collaboration with Lance Winn)

Knock is a murder mystery that is projected as a continuous loop. Three actors appear in the work. Knock employs a robotic projection device that responds to sound that is heard in the video, specifically, the sound of someone knocking on a door. When sound is detected, the projector pans to reveal who is behind the door.

Mobility Machines

Mobility Machines: Air is a mechanical wing machine
Mobility Machines: Water is a floatation machine that is powered by walking on water

Both machines were created as wearable devices to be worn in individual performances that were filmed. On one level, the films function as simple documents of the performances but they also function as fictionalized spaces in which the performances exist. The performances were conceived specifically for the camera; they were never intended to be performed in front of a live audience. In this way, the films become the work and stand as artifacts for the actions that occur between the body and the machines.